Yampa River
Country Music platinum artist Bryan White and host Jarrett Edwards fly fish on the Yampa River in Colorado for trophy trout.
Aurora Reservoir
Jarrett Edwards Outdoors featuring Nathan Zelinsky on Aurora Reservoir in Colorado Walleye fishing.
California Delta
Jarrett Edwards Outdoors on California Delta fishing with Bobby Barrack
Wellington Lake
Jarrett Edwards Outdoors on Colorado’s Wellington Lake
Lake Powell Crappie
Join Jarrett Edwards fishing on Lake Powell with Rich Belanger from St. Croix Rods. This episode focuses on catching Crappie in the spring!
Lake Berryessa
Join Jarrett Edwards Fishing on Lake Berryessa with local tournament angler Mark Fong.
Colorado Northern Pike
Join Jarrett Edwards as he pursues northern Pike in Colorado gravel pits with Beau Meyer.
Clear Lake
Join Jarrett Edwards Fishing on Clear Lake California with Mark Crutcher. Light line and big largemouth!